About Donna

I am Donna

Hi! I’m Donna. I strongly believe in equal opportunities in the labor market for everyone. Unfortunately, I don’t see any possibilities for this in the systems of many of my colleagues. As a result, they do not help to solve the diversity & inclusion problem.

That can has to change!

When I met Marco and Bob we soon came to the conclusion that this had to be done differently. It’s just a shame to see talent go to waste because recruiters are misled by the systems. They still make recruiters (and organizations) think that knowledge and experience are the most important qualities to select for. I’ve seen too many miss-hires when selecting for those characteristics.

After a short talk, all three of us agreed: that has to change! On a personal level the click was complete, in the field of knowledge and skills it turned out that things can be done differently! DonnaKnows is the first system that helps you as a recruiter and organization to set up a diverse and inclusive recruitment process.

Meet my awesome team

I’ve already talked about Marco and Bob. Together with them I started DonnaKnows. Now the three of us can no longer handle all the work and I have put together a great team:

Marco van Damme

Founder | Director
+31 (0)628 091 419

Bob Kosse

Founder | Director
+31(0)646 013 949

Arno Haye

Business Development

Donna (that’s me!)