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Hi! My name is Donna. I believe that every talent should have an equal chance of getting a job. That it is necessary to look much further than just education and work experience. I can help you with that by adding diversity & inclusion to your recruitment process. This allows you to make better decisions without costing you extra time or money.

Human skills
of all your candidates

A candidate must fit within your organization and teams. That’s information you can’t get from a resume or motivation letter. I help you discover who your candidates really are and whether they fit the profile you are looking for. I share these insights with you, preferably without compromising sensitive information such as gender, age or name. This allows you to select by information that really matters. Employees who really add value to your organization and teams.

of all your candidates

Whether someone adds something to a team or organization is of course not only dependent on human skills. The knowledge and experience that someone brings is also important to good picture forming. I will help you with this. Although knowledge and experience are often seen as ‘hard skills’, I believe in a more nuanced way of these skills. That is why I always include a weighting in my view of the competencies. As a result, I don’t have to immediately reject someone who does not have the right diplomas, but who does have years of experience.

Selection based
on what really matters

You make a selection based on what really matters. Not just what’s in the resume. If you want to have someone in your organization who will continue to work with passion and dedication for a long time to come, you need more than just the resume. The behavior a person exhibits, the way he or she looks at the world, the way he or she works and collaborates with others. That is much more important than the information on the resume. I will show you that information in a clear way so that you can make the right decision.

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“The DonnaKnows assessment Chatbot is an easy to use solution to gain insights in both the hard and human skills of our candidates. Spot-on Big 5 personality profiles are included to a candidate profile by the use of linguistic analysis. This is adding value to any selection process”

Kim Lokenberg
The Lokenbergs

“This is an amazing report!
I like how detailed it is and I can vouch for the accuracy of the results.I am surprised by how much information the short chat text can show”

Taha Yacine Ayoub
Sqoin Software Company

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