Insight into the competencies of all candidates

experience, knowledge and skills of your candidates

Someone with experience in the field can be a very valuable addition to your organization. I would like to give you a nuanced insight into that experience, knowledge and skills.

Hard skills, no hard rejection

When we talk about experience, knowledge and skills, we often talk about hard skills. These are also often used as hard criteria for rejecting someone.

I am sorry to hear that. Because someone who does not have the right diploma, but who fits well together in other areas, can still offer a lot of added value.

Imagine that someone has an MBO diploma instead of a HBO diploma. Wouldn’t it be a shame to reject this candidate while he has gained a lot of knowledge through self-study and experience with previous employers? Perhaps this candidate was very bad at language-related subjects, but super good at math. Don’t want to take that candidate to your technical R&D department?

I help you make better competence decisions by softening the hard skills. By adding nuance to the criteria, hard skills do not become hard knock-out criteria, but selection options for discovering talent.

Equal opportunities for talent

Letting go of talent for a piece of paper? That is no longer desirable in the current century. In addition to their education, more and more young people are also studying themselves via online media. These are often not registered in the systems of our competition. As a result, you simply miss these insights in your selection process.

There is a great danger in missing these insights: talent is not discovered and goes to work for your competitor!

I bring nuance to the hard skills. I’ll let you indicate how important you really think certain hard skills are. Are you looking for someone with a HBO diploma? Fine! But do you really reject someone if they have an MBO diploma or do you perhaps give that candidate a chance? In my system you can easily indicate this by specifying a weighting per hard skill. This way, a candidate with an MBO diploma can still have a chance to work for you.

man wearing headphones while sitting on chair in front of MacBook

Do you also want to add nuance to the hard skills?

My team is happy to show you how you can nuance the human skills of your recruitment process. Below you can easily make an appointment for an online demo so that Marco or Bob can show you everything!

Demo from Marco

Marco can tell you everything about what I can do for your company. He is nice and happy to answer all your questions!

Demo from Bob

Bob is more our technical team member, he can also tell you everything about me and my commitment within your company