Select on what really matters

Select on what really matters

Almost all systems in the recruitment branch do very well when it comes to matching on hard skills. The part ‘what can someone do’. This used to be enough, but nowadays you really need more. ‘Who is someone’ has become at least as important.

What used to be important is now obsolete

The world of recruitment is changing faster than ever. In the past, knowledge and skills were the most important things you could select from. Today we demand a lot more from employees. An employee must be able to think along, come up with solutions and want to move forward. These are all points that are missing from current suppliers’ recruiting systems. That is why it is often offered to conduct individual – often very expensive – personality tests of candidates in order to complete the profile.

Unfortunately! Because that way you miss important criteria to bind the right people to you. Let alone that you actually apply diversity & inclusivity in your recruitment process!

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Know in advance who you are going to talk to

Suppose you have 10 applicants for a vacancy. You will talk to 3 of them and after that conversation you will have the last 2 do a personality test to see if they fit into your organizational culture. Sounds a bit like it is now? Then pay attention! You run a high risk of hiring the wrong candidate!

The other 8 candidates may not have had the right hard skills or something was missing, but they may have been the ideal cultural fit. Those hard skills may be easy for the candidate to learn afterwards.

I make sure that all candidates take the personality test. This way you get a complete profile of all candidates: hard skills and human skills.

All selection criteria in a clear overview

I help you select on all criteria. Not one for hard skills selection and then a small group for human skills. I help you make a complete choice. You gain insight into their personality, behavior, knowledge, experience and skills of all your candidates.

And not only that, I’ll also show you how much those criteria match what you’re looking for. This gives you insight into the match of all your candidates at a glance. In addition, I provide you with an extensive report with all insights and points for attention. This way you make a better, more diverse and more inclusive choice for the right candidate!

Want to see it in action?

Marco and Bob from my team are happy to show you what I have to offer through an online tour. During this tour they show what I can do, you get insight and the extensive reports and the simplicity with which you can boost your diversity & inclusive recruitment process.

Demo from Marco

Marco can tell you everything about what I can do for your company. He is nice and happy to answer all your questions!

Demo from Bob

Bob is more our technical team member, he can also tell you everything about me and my commitment within your company